The Best Slipcover Sofas… We’ve Got You Covered

Mar 12, 2024

They’re high style, versatile, and always fresh….slipcover sofas are having a real moment of glory in 2020. Slipcover sofas were once considered a bit old-fashioned, available only in limited options and rarely in contemporary styles. These days, many of the slipcovers on the market are chic and tailored, allowing sofas to be the superstar of any room. At Rowe, we prioritize fit and style to bring you the best-looking pieces on the market, and many of the sofas, chairs and even ottomans in the Rowe and Robin Bruce lines are available in slipcovers. Want to know the best options to suit your style? You know we’ve got you covered!

Top Reasons to Choose a Slipcover Sofa

Easy to Clean – For those who don’t want to sacrifice style even with kids and pets in the house, choose any look you want (hello, crisp white sofa) knowing that you can unzip the cover, throw it in the wash, and keep it looking its best. Slipcovers can be ideal for high traffic spaces like a family room in a busy home, or even a hospitality setting like a resort, hotel lobby or restaurant lounge.

Change, Change, Change – Have you rethought your style? Want to swap colors for the season? Purchasing a new slipcover is a lot easier than buying all new furniture. Likewise, if the unthinkable happens and your cover is ripped or otherwise damaged, it’s a lot easier to replace it than to have your sofa reupholstered or replaced.

Sleek and Chic – Gone are the lumpy, poorly-fitting slipcovers of the past. Today’s slipcovers fit like a well-tailored suit, hugging the curves and angles of a sofa in all the right places. Does your style run more to the casual end of the spectrum? A slightly looser cover (think perfectly drapey, not baggy or oversized) in a natural blend like linen or cotton can put a space at ease, making everything just a bit more easy & breezy.

Good to Go Green – A good slipcover (or even a series of slipcovers) increases durability and can extend the life of your sofa or chair dramatically, helping to keep large pieces of furniture in use for many, many years to come. Keeping what we have for longer is always a green choice!

XO Thelma