Doorstop, Thurston the Bulldog



The Bulldog is a muscular, hefty breed of dog with a wrinkled face and Thurston the Bulldog is a handsome chap showing these characteristics in high quality fabrics.

Thurston is designed in a delightful herringbone fabric teamed with a light beige wool mix fabric which creates a great looking coat on this dog.

He has a very cute, black velveteen nose and he is poking his pink tongue out, just a little, to be cheeky!

Wearing a smart brown ribbon collar with white stitching, this perfect pooch sits stylishly at your door to prop it open whenever you want it kept ajar.

Perfectly weighted, Thurston will guard the door so it does not swing shut.

A must-have gift for any Bulldog owner or dog-lover alike as this creation appeals to all animal admirers with its affectionate design.

Height: 28 cm


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