Doorstop, Bella the Black Labrador


As man’s best friend Bella the lab will be the perfect gorgeous home accessory and a practical solution to keep your door propped open as you and your family go about your daily life. Bella is weighted in the base on the design and contains polyfibre filling and a quartz sand materials give her weight, allowing her to keep that door ajar with ease.

Labradors are famous for being loyal pooches and will work hard should you set them to the task! Recognized all over the world the black Labrador is still a very popular breed among many.

This simple but effective design has been created using a durable and tactile black boucle fabric which gives Bella a streamline and contemporary feel.

Those characteristic loving eyes are set in place with black thread detail for her nose. Finished with a black ribbon collar with white thread stitch detail Bella can be your new family pet.

You don’t have to be just a Labrador lover to own this piece, this gorgeous pup would suit any animal lover and any décor for her new home.

Black boucle fabric. Height 28cm


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