Flameless LED “Touch” Candle


The flame has the look, feel, and dance of its carbon-based muse, without the mess or worry. The secret is an uneven cadence that rarely repeats for a wildly fluid motion. Hand-poured and crafted using 100% refined paraffin wax for a feel, look, and even a subtle scent that adds authenticity.

Looks so real you’ll try to blow it out at least once. This best-seller benchmarks a real candle. Safe. Surprising. Easy. This is the candle that started a revolution in LED flames with motion.  Moving Flame technology creates a visible and natural simulated flame that dances like a traditional flame without the hazard or mess.

For $9.95 add the option of a remote. With the touch of a button this handy 5-Function Remote can be used from up to 15 feet away. Use the remote to turn candles on/off, bright/dim, flicker/static and fast/slow, all at your fingertips. Compatible with all LightLi candles. CR2025 battery included.


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Eco Rowe

Eco Rowe

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Candle Season

Candle Season

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