June 4, 2024 Outdoor Living is Back!

Jun 4, 2024

Are you in a summer state of mind? Summer is here and when you’re entertaining on a perfect, sunny, sit-by-the pool kind of day or serving dinner on a warm evening you want to welcome your guests and keep them happy and satisfied. Flowers displayed in a lovely vase, urns, unique and delicate glassware for seasonal drinks, smart vessels for chilling that wine, sleek & comfy outdoor furniture and cushions, blankets & more will transform your garden into an idyllic outdoor space.

Natasha Bradley Home takes extra care in choosing products for you that help make every occasion a special event. Even is that occasion is “it’s Sunday family dinner”!

What setting is complete without mood lighting? Starbursts, lanterns, hung or sitting on a table, candles (real or battery operated), scented or unscented, taper or pillar, or tealights in beautiful tealight holders, citronella will create the ambiance and comfort you’ll need to perfect your setting.

Visit Natasha Bradley Home today and let us help you get your party started!

Happy Summer! 😎

XO Thelma