Shiraleah Turkish Recycled Alabaster

For over 25 years Chicago based lifestyle-design company, Shiraleah (she-ra-lay-ah), continually provides an extensive range of affordable, trend-driven home décor for boutiques and retailers nationwide.

Shiraleah began importing Vietnamese handicrafts in mid 1990s and promoted its products through the gift industry. Since then Shiraleah has emerged as a leader in its category, bridging the gap between classic and street style, while incorporating a global twist to their collection through colour and material. Shiraleah strives to develop a line that is both functional and fashionable, focusing on a unique ability to execute high-end elements, unmatched quality and expansive variety without the high price tag.


Slanted Bowl - Medium
$ 45.00 (not available on website)
Slanted Bowl - Small
$ 29.00 (not available on website)
Slanted Salad Bowl - Large
$ 75.00 (not available on website)
Slanted Vase
$ 29.00 (not available on website)