Shaw, Mary

Shaw, Mary

Mary Shaw was born in Bristol, where she still resides today. An entirely self-taught artist, she demonstrated an aptitude for painting from childhood, and completed her first commission at the age of just thirteen. As an adult, she spent four years living in Zimbabwe and Cape Town, where she began to establish herself as a professional artist.

Created using a variety of media, Marys beautiful pieces have a delicate touch which seem to enchant all fortunate enough to encounter them. Loosely- painted organic foregrounds contrast with areas of exquisite detail; often a butterfly, kingfisher or field mouse is found nestled within the flowers. Her use of diamond dust gives each painting an iridescent sparkle, adding a contemporary twist to otherwise traditional scenes.

Mary has exhibited extensively throughout the UK since her return; her works met with great affection and collected by art lovers across the world- most notably the King of Qatar who was gifted a piece by his son Prince Abdullah Al Thani.


Between the Flowers II - SOLD
$ 1,695.00 (not available on website)
Golden Pond VI - SOLD
$ 1,695.00 (not available on website)
Overlooking the Sea I - SOLD
$ 3,395.00 (not available on website)
Seaside Blooms II - SOLD
$ 1,495.00 (not available on website)
Seaside Shimmer III - SOLD
$ 795.00 (not available on website)
Summer Blue II - SOLD
$ 850.00 (not available on website)
Summer Haze V
$ 850.00 (not available on website)
Tangled Flowers I - SOLD
$ 1,995.00 (not available on website)
Toward the Horizon I - SOLD
$ 2,395.00 (not available on website)
Toward the Horizon V - SOLD
$ 1,695.00 (not available on website)
Wild Scarlet I - SOLD
$ 1,795.00 (not available on website)
Wildflower Field VI
$ 1,695.00 (not available on website)