Samantha Toft Limited Editions

Samantha Toft Limited Editions

Sam Toft and her Wonderful World of Mustard

Sam Toft met Mr Mustard many years ago. He was walking briskly along the Prom in Brighton with a noticeably reluctant little white dog on the end of a long string. They struck up a conversation and found they had so much in common including an enduring love of Welsh Rarebit, toffee mint humbugs and dogs of most shapes and sizes. They agreed right then and there that Sam could be his Official Picture Maker and this is how she makes her living: drawing him in pictures, colouring them in and trying not to go over the lines. In the wonderful world they have created, Ernest Hemmingway Mustard, professional tuneless hummer and part-time hurricane predictor lives in a not-so-damp basement flat with his dear lady wife Violet and Doris their grumpy and rather portly Jack Russell Terrier. Sam follows their adventures along the Prom and across the globe. She works from her seaside studio using  oil pastels, coloured  inks, steel pen nibs, pencil dust, old tooth brushes as well as her innovative fingers and thumbs technique. Patent pending.



A Stubborn Sit
$ 259.00 (not available on website)
A Wonderful Life
$ 259.00 (not available on website)
All I Need Is You...and You
$ 259.00 (not available on website)
Big Dog Bath
$ 575.00 (not available on website)
Big Dog Bed
$ 595.00 (not available on website)
Conistone Stepping Stones
$ 299.00 (not available on website)
Days Out with Friends
$ 259.00 (not available on website)
Friday Night Take Out
$ 259.00 (not available on website)
Happy Days Are Here Again
$ 625.00 (not available on website)
How Many Dalmatians Fit on a Bicycle?
$ 365.00 (not available on website)
Imagination Can Take You Anywhere Remarque
$ 459.00 (not available on website)
It's Lilac Time - OUT of STOCK
$ 399.00 (not available on website)